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Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Walpapers Butique

From city roof

Night shot from top of Azrieli Tower

Our passion as photographers is to explore, discover and share the beauty that surounds us.

We would love to have you with us on each and every one of our expeditions, but we know you can join only part of them…

As part of spreading and sharing the beauty we manage to capture, we are more than happy to give away part of our photos as free wallpapers.

You are warmly encouraged to visit the Wallpapers Album on our Facebook page browse, and download whatever you love, and yes, of course you may pass it on and share those wallpapers with anybody else.

You are kindly invited, while there, to join our community by giving our page a ‘Like’.

Make sure you stay connected so you will always be up to date with our activities, expeditions and of course give-aways.

Shoot straight, and keep that dust of your lens!


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