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Students Workshops

Buddhist Monastery

Buddhist Monastery, Kingdom of Bhutan

Our specialized trips, Photography Workshops for Students offer a unique, creative and interactive experience, aiming to achieve the following objectives:

Mindful observation, as a Photographer’s skill and as a personal value

• Intimate exposure to and exploration of a different culture
Tolerance and acceptance of the different other, appreciation of the value of Diversity
• Improve artistic abilities as Photographers


These objectives are achieved by:
Artistic assignments all through the trip

Mini workshops in photography skills at some of the most picturesque places on the globe
Introduction to Visual Anthropology as an integrative concept
Group discussions during the day at key points and at the end of day: debriefing, sharing the experience and the learnings of the day.


  • Before any such workshop we will have discussions with client in order to fine-tune and focus on the desired objectives, values and insights. Whenever requested, there will be special modules prepared for the escorting teachers. These modules will be embedded in the workshop’s program.
  • These workshops are recommended for groups of students at age of 14 and above.
  • Group size for such workshops – Maximum 18 students + 2 escorting adults.
  • Most of our itineraries can be transformed into a Students’ Workshop. Please contact us for further information at