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Five facts about Republic of Srpska you should know


  1. Banja Luka is the only city in Europe which offers night rafting EXPERIENCE! Banja Luka hosted the May 2009 World Rafting Championships on river Vrbas in Banja Luka and Tara in Foča.

    Try to pronounce KLJUKUŠA, KVRGUŠA, ZELJANICA, CICVARA, KRTOLJAČA….. well maybe it is hard but if you manage it by the time you’re in the country you will never be hungry, all these are names of great and delicious food in which we hope you will enjoy!

    LISINA mountain and region of Mrkonjic Grad 675km² is well known for over more than 1300 mushroom species almost the same number as whole Italy.

    Have you heard about Ivo Andric, Nobel Prize winner? He wrote the literature masterpiece called „The bridge on the Drina” and won Nobel prize for it! The best thing is that the bridge is still remarkable as it was 500 years ago and the river Drina is still streaming gracefully under.

    Feel the wilderness of one of the last two remaining primeval forests in Europe – PERUĆICA . Sleep under the open sky at the foot of Maglić, the highest peak of BiH or bravely swim naked in fresh water of glacier lakes. Feel, hear, experience and respect the primal nature in its purest form.

Guest Blogger:

Ana Lakic
Senior Expert Associate
Tourist Organization of Republic of Srpska


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    Keep up the good work.

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