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A Happy New year,,, our version ;)

While everybody is making preparations for New Year celebrations, wishing for a Happy and Beautiful Year, we do all we can to turn that into reality…Bhutan, festival season

Here are our hits for coming spring, what a way to start the new year!
Do take your time during upcoming holidays to browse through the workshops we have prepared for you to start the New Year. It is going to be a beautiful one, all you have to do is join us.


Kingdom of Bhutan: Talking about Happines – this is a Kingdom that made a strategic decission to pursue Happiness for its people: “A government that failed in bringing happiness to its people is not worth of ruling”. We’ll have the opportunity to explore that through our lenses!
This workshop, photographers’ trip will take us to the landscapes of the Hymalaias, to Magestic Dzongs (uinque Bhutanese fortresses), to Revered Buddhist Monasteries up in the mountains, to close encounters with the rural traditional villages people and culture of Bhutan – yes, we’ll even spend an overnaight among locals in a farmhouse.
And… the peak of this workshop is participation in the colourful traditional festival!
Photographic themes, photographic opportunities: Landscapes, Cultures, People.  


Croatia Photo Cruising: A treat by ANY standard!
Cruise along the shores of Adriatic Croatia (aka Dalmatia), starting off at old harbor town of Split and sail among the beautiful islands of the Adriatic sea.
This workshop was planned all along with the good local people of Dalmatia: Fishermen, Farmers, Vinegrowers, and these will be the people that will serve as local guides during most of this workshop.
This workshop promises a most intimate encounter not just with the beauty of the country but also with it’s people and its flavors…
Photographic themes, photographic opportunities: Landscapes, Street and Marekts Photography, Food Photography, Traditional Cultures of the Mediterranean Islands.


Istanbul: “The capital of Capital Cities”, although not a Capital City recently, it used to be a Byzantine Capital City for a whole millenium, and then, for next 600 years the Capital City of the Ottoman Empire that ruled at it’s prime over almost half of Europe.

Istanbul with more than 12 million citizens, spreading over two continets is one of the most interesting cities on the globe  – especially for Photographers!
Photographic themes, photographic opportunities: Landscapes, Street and Markets Photography, People, Islamic Architecture and Design