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Trips4Photographers October Newsletter – Sneak preview of 2014

Dear friends and colleagues,

It’s long since my last newsletter and there is a lot of news I’d love to share with you, so without further introductions here we go!

Adriatic boat, our platform for Photography Workshop in Dalmatia, Croatia

Adriatic boat, our platform for Photography Workshop in Dalmatia, Croatia

New destinations:

  • Kingdom of Bhutan: I am proud to announce our photographers’ trip to Kingdom of Bhutan. The emphasis in preparing this trip was in first place to get as close and as intimate as possible to local traditions, culture, people. The trip is so planned to enable us participate in the colorful Tshechu Festival; Have close encounters with Buddhist monks at some of the most prestigious monasteries and even spend a night among local people in a farm house. All efforts were invested to break barriers, create and offer the most authentic experience. The breath taking landscapes of feet of the Himalayas and the beautiful valleys – the setting of our trip – are obvious, that’s why I don’t even stop to mention them… They are all there waiting for us! For those who want to dig a bit deeper, we have a post on our blog telling about Gross National Happiness in Bhutan. For additional reading I would recommend on the book Hidden Bhutan by Martin Uitz, Haus Publishing, London

  • Istanbul Cappadocia combo: For 2014 I decided to combine two of our most colorful and picturesque destinations into one adventure. From what used to be called Capital of Capital cities for its splendor, to landscapes that mention landing on the moon and way beyond… From Imperial palaces, Churches and Mosques, to subterranean hidden cities; Sailing along the Bosporus between Asia and Europe, and riding a hot air balloon over the amazing valleys of Cappadocia. This is a voyage that will take you into the worlds of Agatha Christie, Jules Verne and Indiana Jones, all combined into a real once in a lifetime experience.

  • Istanbul in the snow!  Istanbul is beautiful all year around, that’s why I decided to open 4 different opportunities to visit Istanbul – winter, spring, summer and fall. The first opportunity is a unique one – Istanbul in the winterIstanbul all covered with snow. At that time, January, the city is literally empty of tourists, it is all decorated with a white dress that gives the city an additional level of beauty and grace. Being off season it makes this specific trip a little cheaper than it would be on other seasons. Do by all means grab this totally unique opportunity!

 Workshops for students

Students’ workshops are a new line of activity I opened for 2014. Our specialized trips, Photography Workshops for Students offer a unique, creative and interactive experience. I believe that through our workshops we can promote a deeper understanding of the concept of culturesmulticulturalismdiversity and acceptance off the different other.

What else are we preparing for you? What else are we working on recently and why you better follow closely. Here is just a brief sneak preview:

  • Andalucía, Spain: From the vineyards of Jerez, through traditional flamenco tablao and bulls’ farm, to the fishermen of Cadiz, not forgetting of course the Moorish heritage and graceful Alhambra…
  • Eastern Poland: This workshop is dedicated to the wilder landscapes of eastern Poland with emphasis on minority cultures like for example the Tatars, the muslim communities in Poland. Part of these communities are no more existent BUT we will explore their footsteps, that is a fascinating and most inspiring challenge.
  • Dalmatia, the Adriatic part of Croatia – in this case the whole workshop is by boat(!!!) with ‘hops’ between towns on mainland like Split, Dubrovnik and islands like Korcula (where Marco Polo came from) Hvar, Brac… Altogether a rare delightful combination of cruise and photography workshop.

Discount coupons: In order to prove my love and appreciation to the fact that you are loyal followers of Trips for Photographers, you are entitled to discount coupons for each and any of our workshops. All you need to do, as you intend to register to a specific workshop – contact Trips for Photographers asking for a coupon and you of course will receive it.

I hope I managed to ‘open your appetite’. That was my part :)

As for your part: do open your calendars and make sure you free the relevant dates.

Please register NOW to our winter workshop in Istanbul Jan 9th 2014. You do not want to miss this one. Number of places, as usual is limited…

last, but by all means not least – please be kind and share this newsletter among your fellow photographers! Invite them to join the club and register! …Nobody was ever punished for showing generosity :)

Sincerely yours
Meir Jacob
Trips for Photographers

*Image – Courtesy of Lidyday-Voyage