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Follow Friday Artist: Kila

At their debut gig (1987) in Dublin only three people attended, that by itself is a noticeable merit!…
Kila is an Irish band. They were chosen as our Follow Friday Artist for their passion, the love they invest in whatever they are doing.
Kila deserves our ‘Three Cranes Merit‘ for their connection to the deep roots of Irish, Celtic music on one hand, and a fresh, and energetic approach on the other.

From their website: Playing together for nearly 20 years, Kíla are one of Ireland’s most innovative and exciting bands. The seven members come from different musical backgrounds and share a passion to create great music with an ability to absorb influences from across the globe. With its roots in traditional Irish, it features a strong percussive like singing and gorgeous melodies driven by a serious rhythmical undercurrent. Kíla have created their own distinctive style of world music, which has won over audiences around the world through their eight recordings to date and their spectacular live performances.

As usual at Follow Friday corner, we prefer to let the artists speak for themselves.
This Friday Follow KILA!

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