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Follow Friday Artist: Palya Bea

It is with utmost honor and pleasure that I present this week’s ‘Follow Friday’ artist – Palya Bea.
Palya Bea is an Hungarian artist,  singer, that represents the ‘Three Cranes Merit‘ we grant her in any aspect of her personality and art. She is an inquisitive artist, always looking for ‘off the beaten track’ materials. Her performances bear the very same spirit.
Palya’s art is deeply connected to traditional, folk materials, yet her performance is ANYTHING BUT sentimental or tacky. Palya adopts each such piece of music and gives it a loving, authentic and fresh interpretation like it was ‘born’ on the same morning.

Playa Bea is the living proof that real quality lays not in ‘pomp and circumstance’, but rather in simplicity and directness. Looking for inspirations Palya studied not just the art of song, but also ethnography and then Indian and Persian music. One may hear those influences aside influences of Jazz in her rich repertoire.
I love her performances – always new, fresh, inspiring and authentic.

One of her moments of grace is when in middle of a concert she changes her shoes, for next act, right in front of her audience as she presents the next piece, like it was most natural thing to do – and in her case it indeed is.

For all these reasons you are warmly invited to follow Palya Bea!

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