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Follow Friday Artist: Yemen Blues

Please welcome (and by all means follow!) this Friday’s artists: Ravid Kahalani and his Yemen Blues formation.
Yemen Blues is one of the more refreshing, intelligent and passionate formations you’ll have the chance to listen to these days.
Ravid Kahalani, Israeli artist with Yemenite roots traces back and explores his cultural and musical heritage all the way to Yemen and the African (Ethiopian) influences on it’s music on one hand, while having a passionate flirt with Jazz music on the other.
The result we get, is a very intelligent and creative way of ‘connecting the ends’, bringing Jazz back to Africa.
Ravid Kahalani and Yemen Blues won our recommendation and the ‘Three Cranes Merit‘, for the creative and dedicated way in which they connect between the worlds – the traditional and the modern, the traditional sounds and rythms of Africa with the Jazz beats and spirit, all performed in a loving and fun way.
By ‘Follow’ we recommend that you:
a. Keep Informing yourself about our recommended artists to the measure that pleases you.

b. Keep track of their records, clips… You will always find something interesting there!

c. This formation is recently on the road! – yes, you may find they have a concert in a hall near to your town (this weekend it’s China). This is linked to their tour plan just click!

“It doesn’t matter where you come from, Your language is my language. It doesn’t matter to which God you pray The melody is always coming from my soul And you scream and cry And you sing and sing And you are happy and joyful And you sing and sing to God. From what do you hide? Jew, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, voodoo. The melody is always coming from the heart.  At the end of the day We came here from our ways to our own beliefs To be together and sing”

Ravid Kahalani is Israeli, he sings Arabic in the Yemenite dialect.

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