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Follow Friday Artist: Yemen Blues

Please welcome (and by all means follow!) this Friday’s artists: Ravid Kahalani and his Yemen Blues formation. Yemen Blues is one of the more refreshing, intelligent and passionate formations you’ll have the chance to listen to these days. Ravid Kahalani, Israeli artist with Yemenite roots traces back and explores his cultural and musical heritage all […]

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Follow Friday Artist: Kila

At their debut gig (1987) in Dublin only three people attended, that by itself is a noticeable merit!… Kila is an Irish band. They were chosen as our Follow Friday Artist for their passion, the love they invest in whatever they are doing. Kila deserves our ‘Three Cranes Merit‘ for their connection to the deep […]

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Follow Friday Artist: Palya Bea

It is with utmost honor and pleasure that I present this week’s ‘Follow Friday’ artist – Palya Bea. Palya Bea is an Hungarian artist,  singer, that represents the ‘Three Cranes Merit‘ we grant her in any aspect of her personality and art. She is an inquisitive artist, always looking for ‘off the beaten track’ materials. […]

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Follow Friday Artist: Idir

Follow Friday is a beautiful Twitter tradition for ranking worthy accounts within the community. We decided to adopt this tradition in order to showcase artists that we appreciate, artists that inspire us and echo our spirit with their art. Some of these artists represent current expeditions, the rest – expeditions to come – it’s just […]

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