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Facts worth knowing about Cappadocia…

…Cappadocia anybody? Buckle up!

Cappadocia, in middle of Anatolia plateau, Turkey, is one of the most fascinating places on the globe, and within reach! There are parts of the Earth which do not seem really belong to; Cappadocia is one of them, a strange and spectacular landscape from the pages of science fiction. It is an extraordinary region, unmatched in the world. A fascinating beauty. An incredible harmony of shapes and colors. From ancient secret cities that go down to 7 floors underground, on to earliest secret Christian communities…

Early Church, dug in the rock, 'The Hidden Valey' Goreme, Cappadocia

Early Church, dug in the rock, ‘The Hidden Valey’ Goreme, Cappadocia

The deposits of volcanoes ash, lava and basalt laid the foundations for today’s landscape. Earthquakes and ongoing effects of erosion have contributed to form the valleys and the “fairy chimneys” …and on to whole villages dug in the rock like termite hills, that can be seen today.

Uchisar, Cappadocia

Uchisar hill-village

Yes, it is a Muslim country YET, Cappadocia maintains the tradition of thousands of years of wine production! Please click here to read what Time Out wrote about it

And,,, this is, I think, the only place in the world where you need a hammer in order to enjoy your stew…

These are just a fraction of the reasons you should join us on this splendid (click!)Photography Workshop to Cappadocia. What are you waiting for?

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