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About Trips for Photographers

Who are we?

Trips for Photographers is an enterprise, dedicated to design and execute specialized trips and expeditions for professional and “professional amateur” photographers.


Trips for Photographers mission is to bring you, the avid photographer, to the right place at the right moment for a winning shot. Our trips are designed to create best opportunities to expose you and your camera to People, Cultures, Places. Together with our team of dedicated operators we endeavor to constantly learn, discover and grow to new intriguing destinations.

We are committed to all of the following and more, in order to offer you best photography experience:

  • All trips are designed hand in hand by seasoned photographers and top tour operators
  • At all destinations Trips for Photographers creates tight professional connections with local contacts, in order to offer you the most intensive and intimate experience on site
  •  We will always look for the off the beaten track
  • Be prepared for unconventional hours in order to catch unique shots, no hour is held sacred
  • Photographer’s passes and authorizations will be prepared for all sites in a trip that require one
  • At Trips for Photographers, we warmly encourage a ‘workshop’ atmosphere. You are invited to share knowledge and discuss ideas, while we are committed to create learning opportunities for you


The extended team

The end result, our expeditions, is an outcome of common effort invested by a selection of top quality operators at our various destinations, working hand in hand with Trips for Photographers.

We regard these operators as part of our team and one of our most important assets.

We are constantly looking for new destinations, new challenges and new partners.
If you feel this spirit ‘talks to you’ and would like to join the party – please do not hesitate to address us via the contact page.